Getting a soccer field

Getting a soccer field


Expert in the design and manufacture of open-access sports fields, QUALI-Cité has put its know-how acquired over nearly 20 years into the development of this new range of sports equipment. The range of soccer fields is ideal for the leisure practice of soccer, especially 5-a-side soccer in clubs. Supported by the French Football Federation (FFF), this discipline is on the rise. However, it requires an adapted field made of solid panels in the lower part and a ball-impact guard up to 5m which increase the fluidity of the game and secure the space.

 Compliance with certification criteria

 Recently installed in Reunion Island in the commune of La Possession (Saint-Laurent district), the soccer SOC9017300803 perfectly meets the homologation criteria of the French Amateur Football Federation, with very specific 5-a-side soccer field dimensions between 30 and 35 m for the lateral sides and 18 to 20 m for the pediments. With a goal width of 4m x 2 m height, a door opening system allowing the ball to bounce without relief on the game side.

Only one access of at least one meter is allowed. It allows access to the field to persons with reduced mobility while blocking access to the 2 wheels and if this access is the lateral sides it must allow the ball to bounce.

 Resistant for intensive use

The 50mm thick sandwich panel is made of hard foam core and aluminum facings, which makes it both light and strong.

The 80x80 steel posts, due to their height, allow a very good mechanical resistance.

The choice of parts (U of protection, support of the ball-impact nets, stainless steel door closing elements, screws...) avoids corrosion.

QUALI-Cité has developed a complete post fastening system that optimizes manufacturing, facilitates installation and, above all, reinforces the structure that is particularly used in this area.

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