Let’s go on the vessel CI 12-1006-B99!

Let’s go on the vessel CI 12-1006-B99!


Coming from the range CITY VESSEL, this outdoor play structure inspired by trawlers has just been put into service in Pénerf, in the municipality of Damgan (Morbihan).

This structure has a large bow with many play activities and a cockpit with a steering wheel for apprentice captains. The rope ladder and the boarding net, reminiscent of fishing nets, allow children to access the boat and develop their motor skills. However, a steps and bars access facilitates accessibility for the youngest. To leave the ship children can, as they will, take either the slide or the sliding pole.

Numerous play panels on the thematic of the sea are spread over the whole structure in order to multiply the play points and to favor as much as possible the fluidity of the frequentation.

A « seaside » design

Installed in a municipality located by the sea, this outdoor playground fits perfectly in its marine environment, for young vacationers to have fun while getting back from the beach. Near the port of Pénerf, the vessel CI 12-1006-B99 is the perfect spot for children from 2 to 12 years old to imitate local fishermen by playing sailors. To perfect the coherence of the project, the chosen colors for this vessel are yellow, white and blue… to evoke the sun, the sand and the sea!

To complete this beautiful playground, a swing have been installed, with stainless steel posts and a bird’s nest seat that can be use as a hammock by up to 4 children at the same time.

HPL: the ideal material

Made from thick HPL panels (High Pressure Compact Laminate), the outdoor play structure offers optimum resistance in an environment that can sometimes be harsh. Subject to winds, sea sprays, rain and UV, this material allow to best preserve the original color. Impregnated with resin, the HPL panels also guarantee an optimized lifespan by minimizing the impact of shocks, friction and graffiti.

The budding sailors have nice fishing time to come!

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