New inspiring houses

New inspiring houses


Always on the lookout for new trends, the research and development department of QUALI-Cité® has designed a series of five playhouses in HPL with strong thematic and very different from each other. What better way to escape into faraway universe than the North-American barn (CM 017) or the trapper cottage in the middle of a forest of fir trees (CM 020). Tales and stories of pirates are also great games for children. The pirate’s shed (CM 019), like the playhouse in “gingerbread” (CM 018) foster the imagination of children and help them dive into fabulous adventures. With the playhouse “sea side” (CM 016), children can play vacationers. Between fishing and sand castles, all the elements of this cabin remind the good memories of summer in a peaceful environment.

Designed for collective use, these new playhouses and the entire range meet perfectly the standards in force NF EN-1176 (October 2017) regarding playground equipment, and NF EN 1177 (January 2018) for impact-absorbing playground floors.


Particularly suited to the cognitive development

Because game is a key element in the development of children, QUALI-Cité® strives to offer creative and inspiring products. Playing and interacting with others to understand the social relationships is an integral part of the child’s construction. At the same time familiar and reassuring thanks to their dimension proportional to the size of children, the small houses are offering a space for games that is safe and adapted to children from 1 to 6 years old.

Hiding, role playing, play panels and manipulation are particularly helping the cognitive development of children.


With many fun activities…

These playhouses are designed to be inclusive, which means adapted for people with reduced mobility (PRM). All children can take full advantage of all the play activities developed especially according to the thematic: treasure map and cannon for young pirates, navigation wheel for young sailors, tracking animal footprints for nature lovers…

Indoor and/or outdoor rest areas have been thought, as for example the rocking chair in the trapper hut. Benches and counters allow children to appropriate completely the space.