New springers, new design

New springers, new design


With their ultra-realistic and modern settings, the new springers, inspired from the range DAOU, don’t look like any other.  Their neat design and the finesse of details leave plenty of room for fantasy.

Perfectly suited for communities and for intensive use, the springers are easy to maintain with their removable support part. They are made of phosphatized steel with an epoxy finish, which gives them an undeniable strength and a good durability. In addition, like all QUALI-Cité® springers, they are certified by the APAVE and comply with the European standard EN1176 (vs 2017).

Full throttle on the scooter springer

A wind of freedom is blowing on the springer VESPA (RE 326) with its vintage design, both trendy and timeless. What a pleasure to have fun on a two wheels to do like adults. Young drivers stimulate both their sense of imagination and their motor skills to negotiate the most dangerous turns.

The unicorn enters the legendary world of QUALI-Cité@

Straight out of a rainbow, the multicolored unicorn (RE 320) made of highly resistant HPL joins the range of springer games. Highly acclaimed by children, this mysterious and timeless creature will delight toddlers from 2 years old on collective playgrounds.

A taste of exoticism with the chameleon, the tiger and the toucan

What an exoticism for children with this brand new series of tropical animal springers. Outdoor play areas look like zoos! Funny and amusing, the chameleon (RE 325) and the toucan (RE 323) bring gaiety and originality in the playgrounds with their bright colors. But who will be reckless enough to ride the tiger (RE 261)?

The rocket springer into orbit

Once embarked on the QUALI-Cité® rocket (RE 321), reaching the stars and landing on the moon is child’s play! Public parks now welcome young astronauts eager for space and great stories of adventures.

A shot of freshness with the seahorse and the octopus!

Marine animals also are honored. These two springers complement perfectly the other structures dedicated to the theme of the sea. The seahorse (RE 319), also called hippocampus, features soft and predominantly green colors. This springer also has two handles and two lateral footrests to facilitate the mobility of the game. The orange octopus (RE 324), equally playful, can accommodate 2 children from 2 to 8 years old at the same time.


Playful and beautiful, these springers of a new kind are part of set of rocking games already well provided, while bringing new perspectives to outdoor playgrounds!