Our design office at the service of your project

Our design office at the service of your project


QUALI-Cité® is constantly evolving to adapt to the expectations of its customers. The design office has recently endowed with new 3D software. More effective and easy to use, it allows an instantly projection into the development of and outdoor playground or a multisport field.

The strength of 3D realism

This 3D software allows you to visualize a project with an incredible realism. Vegetation, furniture, vehicles and people... there are many options available for bringing the 3D integrations to life.

The 3D rendering are also real decision-making tools. The digital models made by our design office are making it possible to visualize a development project as a whole, taking into account the environment, whether urban or rural.

The hyperrealism of the 3D renderings also simplifies the communication between the different actors of the project to go from dream to reality.

Advice and expertise

To bring your project to life, the QUALI-Cité® design office is involved in each stage of the design in a collaborative spirit. Creativity, technicality and advice are necessary for a successful development.

Whatever the project is, QUALI-Cité® strives to provide you the playground or multisport field you need. Campsite, schools, nurseries, public parks… every playground or multisport court requires a special attention. There are many parameters to take into consideration in order to offer the best solution: age, type of apparatus, capacity of occupancy…   

Strict compliance with safety standards

Safety is a major issue. From the design to the production, the entire design department supports each project in the application of standards specific to play areas for collective use (EN-1176 and EN-15312).

As a manufacturer, everything is done to minimize the risks for children. The permanent training of draftsmen and designers makes it possible to constantly update their knowledge. Each manufactured structure is the subject of close work with an independent certification body.

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