People with reduced mobility: a new carousel

People with reduced mobility: a new carousel


Very committed to the integration of all children, Quali-cité® has been designing and manufacturing, for many years now, a wide range of inclusive games accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM). It is in this spirit that the design office has studied the design of the carousel CA 510, with the objective of allowing children with wheelchair to experience speed and freedom sensations while being safe.

The CA 510, a play structure for all

Made for schools, communities, parks, the carousel CA 510 is composed of a HPL plate and four stainless steel guardrails, which also serve as handrails. The CA 510 can accommodate up to 6 children from 2 to 10 years old. Ultimate rotation game, the carousel helps developing children’s balance. It also requires the cooperation of all children, according to their abilities, to put the carousel in movement. In order to associate robustness and handling, the rotation system has been revised to adapt to the size of the game and facilitate its use.

A thoughtful access for people with disabilities

Accessibility to play structures for people with reduced mobility is based on the technical regulation for equal rights and opportunities of February 2005. While complying with the safety requirements (Standard EN-1176), Quali-cité® has developed a carousel whose platform is on the ground level to facilitate access to wheelchairs. The nature of the ground has to be taken into consideration for the development of the playground. It is recommended not to exceed 4% of slope for the CA 510 in order to reduce fatigue and difficulty in accessing to the game. Because playing is essential to children’s physical, mental, sensorial, affective and social development, new products are regularly designed for all children to play and live moments of joy all together.

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