Playgrounds area : safety first

Playgrounds area : safety first


In the 28 Countries of the European Union, 137 000 accidents have been recorded in playground areas involving kids between 1 and 14 years old. Around 50% of them are directly caused by the playground equipment itself. Conclusion is easy : take care in the choice of equipment, their installation and their maintenance.

Number serious head injuries on relation with playground equipment (slides, swings, carrousel, etc.) has significantly decreased, thanks to the wider use of adapted safety surface with shocks absorbing characteristics.  On the other hand, broken arms are still representing a high percentage of injuries (around 30%)*.

Due to bad design / installation or lack of maintenance, major risks are falling, shocks, clashes, entrapments, pinches and strangulations. Over more, performance of safety floor for shock absorber capacities may naturally decrease in time.

Endly, under hot temperature, kids can burn themselves in walking on rubber surface in touching metallic parts exposed to sun (slides for example).

Recommendations for the selection and selection of playgrounds equipment

Design, laying out and installation has to be done by professional in accordance with the EN 1176 standard. Playground areas has to be subjected to yearly plan of improvement in order to stay on conformity with the standard on effect. Statement for the installation must be done before opening the playground. Then, area and equipment have to be weekly, quarterly and/or yearly checked. QUALI-Cité® make available  equipment mounting/installation data sheet, maintenance and control data sheet and list of spare part. Operator or playground’s site administrator has to keep documentation available and has to follow the instruction of the manufacturer.

Where to by the right equipment ? 

Not all manufacturers are proposing playground equipment designed and produced according to current standard with a maximum  care taken regarding the safety of kids. Off course, playground for domestic purpose can not be used on a public space…

For local communities QUALI-Cité offers equipment strictly conform with current and updated standard with type of installation adapted to local environment.

For choosing, equipment has to be in accordance with the following standard :

  • S54-203/December 2017 – Recommendations for the creation of a playground area
  • EN 1176-1-2-3-4-6/October 2017 et NF EN 1176 5-7-10/Octobre 2008 -  Playground equipment
  • NF EN 1177/JANUARY 2018 Impact Attenuating Playground Surfacing.

Any equipment designed and manufactured by QUALI-Cité obtained a certificate of conformity granted CETE APAVE Nord-Ouest, external laboratory. Any new equipment or modification on existing equipment involving a new reference is subjected to a type examination for getting the certificate.

For many years now, QUALI-Cité® take a special care to create playful equipment with innovative design in keeping in mind the full respect of safety standard. Selecting the right partner for a playground equipment is choosing the manufacturer who consider “safety first”.


*Source : European Child Safety Alliance