So COOL this new range!

So COOL this new range!


Because all children need to flourish in the game, QUALI-Cité has developed a few months ago a new range accessible to all. Functional and economic, this range allows combining plenty of playful activities in order to encourage children’s physical activity and their sensorial experimentation of the world around them.

To grow well is to play well

Scale, jump, slide… children are tireless. The more they grow up, the more they need to exert. In order to fulfill this need, the choice of activities is really strategic when selecting the outdoor play equipment. Like the other ranges, the outdoor play equipment from the range COOL are modular. They can be declined in a wide variety of activities: steps access, bars access, inclined scaling access, with one or several towers…

From one year old

The different activities combined with heights of the floors makes possible to find a COOL structure for every range of age. From on year old, the children can have fun on the CO 06-1004-X11 which is perfectly adapted to their young age thanks to an easier access and a gentle slope.  

The municipalities of Gignac (in Hérault) and Saint Nicolas du Pelem (Bretagne) have chosen the structure CO 09-2001-X11. Adapted for children from 2 to 6 years old, this structure perfectly meet the requirements of public playgrounds and schools. With two towers connected by an inclined bridge and a plastic slide very resistant to UV, this structure has three different accesses (with steps, platforms and inclined scaling access) in order to every child to evolve according to its abilities.

Adapted to small budgets

From the design aspect, this new range managed to conciliate geometric aesthetic and tonic colors. Developed in order to minimize the costs without impacting the quality, the range COOL is made with quality materials (stainless steel screws, aluminium posts…) that ensures its technical performances.

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