The book box opens up new horizons

The book box opens up new horizons


For some years now, the book box has the wind in its sails. To meet the ever-growing demand of municipalities and communities, QUALI-Cité® has just completed its offer by creating a series of books boxes.

Thanks to its know-how, QUALI-Cité® has designed a solid shelter able to last in time while encouraging solidarity exchange through a fun design. Made of HPL (High Pressure Laminate) panels, the book box ensures a perfectly good sealing in order to protect books from bad weather.


A new range of 9 books boxes

A series of 9 books boxes has been designed to adapt to needs, with different volumes and heights. They have, on one side, a window to see the books, and on the other side a double door which width facilitates the borrowing and deposit of books in order to keep supplying this sharing system. The bright red and orange colors are eye-catching and give the whole equipment a dynamic aspect.


Small bookcases full of charm with their Ka’Hûte thematic!

These books boxes, like for example the MO BL-0001 in old pine wood with a green anise or orange roof, have been designed to harmoniously blend in with a natural environment, just like the outdoor play structure of the Ka’Hûte range. Their well-kept design both fun and vintage is an invitation to discover the last treasure and borrow it for free. An interior shelf optimizes the space in order to accommodate a maximum of books who will surely find a taker!


I discover all the books boxes (MO BL)