The range KA HUTE on the rise

The range KA HUTE on the rise


The success of the KA’HÛTE range continues and is growing. These last few months, the range has grown with higher and larger structures. Places of unique fun experiences, the outdoor play areas offer many opportunities for children to test their abilities. With their numerous activities, the perched huts of the range KA’HÛTE responds not only to children’s physical challenges, but also to their need for intellectual stimulation. Thanks to the universe that emerges from it, the Ka’Hûte multi-activity towers are an invitation to role-playing that only have for limit the imagination of children.

Its aged pine look gives it a vintage and natural spirit that fits perfectly in schools, as well as in parks and public gardens.

Focus on the giant one: KA15-6001-V29

This structure with its 6 towers can accommodate up to 35 children at the same time. It is full of fun activities, 3 slides, sliding pole, half-moon net… And multiple accesses (bars, climbing wall, boarding net…). Their great variety allows children from 2 to 10 years old to thrive through play while developing their motor skills. The structure also has a multitude of playful and manipulation panels whose objective is to promote the awakening of children. It’s impossible to get bored with the many nets and walkways that connect the towers, encouraging you to go from one platform to another. Its exceptional size offers children many possibilities for endless adventures.


Modularity for a unique project

Whatever your project is, QUALI-Cité supports you in the creation and realization of your tailor-made playgrounds.

While keeping its original Ka‘Hûte spirit, the KA 12-3004 play structure with its 3 towers and 2 slides takes its originality from the adjoining zipline. Ten meters of cable for more fun sensations.

Another remarkable creation: the Ka‘Hûte KA 15-4001. When the multi-activity perched hut becomes a pirate ship, it is adorned with lookouts, pairs of binoculars, bridges acting as passageways to the delight of children.

As a manufacturer, we put all our expertise at the service of nurseries, schools, public and leisure parks, campsites, shopping centers ... for every play space, there is quality play equipment.