The small plane joins the City Vehicles range

The small plane joins the City Vehicles range


The small plane CV 019-24 is one of the last born of Quali-cité®. It comes to expand the range CITY Vehicles, and especially the planes range. This new play structure for collective use joins the already popular fighter aircrafts (CV 006) and thus completes the world of flying devices.

An invitation to role games 

Adapt to children from 1 to 6 years old, the small plane allows them to develop their motor, social and intellectual functions. The playful and manipulation panels stimulate their psychomotor development.

Role play par excellence, this outdoor play structure accompanies the overflowing imagination of the apprentice pilots. With its large seats, the place can accommodate up to 6 passengers ready to fly to travel the world. Installed directly on the floor, this outdoor play structure facilitates access for children with reduced mobility.

Its playful and humanized design is an invitation to play for children. Its cheerful colors predominantly blue “atlantis” and lemon yellow remind the colors of the helicopter CV 015-24. While remaining in perfect harmony, the helicopter has fun activities complementary to the small plane : slide, boarding net, play and manipulation panels…

 An easy to install structure

 Delivered pre-assembled in our factory, this play structure like most of the Quali-cité® structures is easy to install and reduce the time of installation on site.

The standardization of the stainless steel screws (Tbx screws) and its dedicated key set supplied with the delivery also simplifies its assembly.

Since the beginning of time, young and old dreamed of flying and touching the clouds. The budding pilots now have their small plane to take them to great adventures !

Discover the small plane CV-019-24