Winter is in full swing with the mountain thematic

Winter is in full swing with the mountain thematic


Winter time is here and holidaymakers are investing the ski resorts to enjoy the fresh air of the mountains.

In order to perfectly match this environment, Quali-Cité® has designed and developed structures around a thematic dedicated to the Mountain. The color palette composed of various shades of green, white and old pine, gives the whole range a unique authenticity that evokes local landscapes. The ibex, the snowman, the groundhog and the fir-shaped roof of the structure reminds the surrounding nature. These decorative elements made of laminated panels (HPL) ensure a long life to the structures and a minimum maintenance regarding the climatic conditions that can sometimes be harsh.


Megève, two structures for 2 age ranges

The municipality of Megève has chosen for its leisure park two structure of the mountain thematic. The first structure, the MI 09-3004-U29, is part of the MINI range made for children from 2 to 6 years old. The play structure is composed of 3 towers interconnected by a crawling tunnel and a bridge. It has several accesses with varying degrees of difficulty, with an inclined climbing wall and a step access, in order to adapt to the motor skills level of each child. A slide and a sliding pole complete the children course.

The second structure has been installed for children from 4 to 14 years old. The mountain thematic ensures the coherence of the playground. Higher with a floor at 1.80m, the ME 18-4021-U29 count on 16 play activities and can accommodate up to 35 children. Swings, play panels and swings completes the playground so that all children can go from one structure to another very fastly.


The choice of a harmonious development for Annecy

In 2018, the Annecy project became reality in the public park of Edelweiss, with the installation of a play structure from the MEGA range, the ME 18-3028-U29. With a total area of 76 square meters, this outdoor playground has 5 slides, including one with double tracks and a great tube slide. It was the minimum needed for this major slide destination! A “pass-pass” net and a sloping bridge are connecting the 3 towers with fir-shaped roofs. Summer of winter, this outdoor playground will delight children for sure!