1 city, 2 playgrounds, 2 themes

1 city, 2 playgrounds, 2 themes


Renowned for its rich baroque architecture, the city of Pápa in Hungary has recently invested in the development of its public parks to make them places of encounter and conviviality. As part of the European "green city" program, Pápa intends to change the face of the city to give nature its rightful place while preserving social cohesion thanks to a better quality of life for its inhabitants.

Several months apart, this Transdanubian city has made available to its 33,000 inhabitants two magnificent themed playgrounds. The first one honors the medieval era and the most recent one is totally inspired by sea world.

Located in two magnificent parks with trees, the playgrounds are located in the center of nature and make the place a very family-friendly leisure space.

These playgrounds are meeting places for the children and are an opportunity to create links with other parents and chaperone.

The castle, the masterpiece of the playground

The playground is built around the castle (CC 09-4002-19). The fortress is an immediate eye-catcher and invites children to immerse themselves in the world of knights. Its many playful panels, its large towers, its climbing walls, its tunnel to crawl through as well as its 3 slides, to escape quickly in case of an enemy attack... are all playful activities that promote immersion in Romanesque adventures.

The springers, RE 305-01 and RE 994-19, with the design of warriors and horses helmets and the balance course diversify the possibilities of games and also reinforces the coherence with the theme of the playground!

 The carousel, CA 503-05, can accommodate up to 6 children, ages 2 to 10. A great classic of the outdoor playground, the merry-go-round is a great success with children because it gives "strong" sensations, especially because of the loss of reference points in space.

 Note the colors that have been carefully chosen. The HPL panels in imitation wood and the light yellow and green tones bring a natural side that blends perfectly with the environment in which the games have been installed. 

Playground equipment with a sea theme

And just a few months later, another playground was installed in the heart of another park undergoing rehabilitation.

Nestled among the trees, the playground is built around the theme of the sea. The particularity of this outdoor playground is the creation of two distinct spaces, one for toddlers and the other for older children.

In fact, the youngest children can evolve safely in this enclosed space with games totally adapted to their young age. A small coaster-type ship (CI 06-1001-Q29) has been installed on a huge "sandbox" protected by shade sails. A circuit also allows them to test their balance under the watchful eye of their parents.

The second play area, designed for the older children, is more conducive to adventure... and there is plenty of fun to come! The children confidently storm the gigantic pirate ship (CI 15-1002-T02). It has a piloting cabin for apprentice captains, an access with steps and bars that facilitate accessibility for the youngest, play panels, boarding nets, binoculars, and climbing walls.

 Nearby, a large PO 780-12 swing accommodates up to 12 children simultaneously with a BH 300-03 horizontal swing that spins on itself for maximum fun!

 The flexible EPDM granulated floor enhances the playground with its colors that delimit spaces and reinforce the harmony of the whole. Populated by marine animals, deserted islands, hidden treasures... everything is there to go on an adventure!

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For several years now, themed playgrounds have been a real success with children, families, and game managers... because they remind us of the child's soul that lies dormant in us!