Innovation and design

At QUALI-Cité, innovation and creativity are the cornerstones of our success. For over two decades, our commitment to innovation has propelled us forward, while forging our identity as creators of fun and sporting solutions. 

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of imagination to offer unique products that inspire and captivate.

Innovation: Beyond trends

Innovation is our driving force, our passion. QUALI-Cité is constantly striving to push back the boundaries of creation by offering products that transcend expectations. 

Constantly evolving, our range is the result of a team of experts dedicated to design, research and development.

We listen to new trends and the needs and desires of our customers. We don't just follow trends, we anticipate them.  

Our ability to anticipate future needs and come up with new concepts enables us to support our customers' most daring projects.

We don't just create equipment, we create unique experiences for local authorities, schools, nursery,  kindergarten, campsites, theme parks and shopping malls! 

Unique design: a fusion of aesthetics and functionality

Design is more than aesthetics, it's a language that conveys the value and intent behind each piece.

Our unique graphic signature blends harmoniously with play areas, creating a truly immersive environment for children with vivid imaginations.

As budding artists, children are a source of inspiration that drives us to constantly renew ourselves.  We have a responsibility to captivate them and stimulate their interest with familiar worlds. 

Notably through art, QUALI-Cité infuses its outdoor play areas with originality and fantasy for its fans of shapes and colours.

Our DAOU and AWA ranges are proof of our commitment to innovative design.

The unique and innovative decorative approach of our equipment echoes our belief that design is more than just aesthetic embellishment. It is the link between functionality and emotion.

Each piece of equipment is a blank canvas on which we paint a story of discovery, learning and joy.


Outstanding creativity to create the unexpected!

Creativity is the very essence of our existence. At QUALI-Cité, we embrace the extraordinary, the unusual and the unique. Our team of designers creates playground equipment, multi-sports pitches and street workouts that transcend convention to create unforgettable experiences for children and adults alike. 

We understand that each project requires a unique approach and sometimes extraordinary creativity. Our ability to rethink play spaces and design bespoke facilities has earned us the trust of our customers. 

As fervent supporters of innovation, creativity and design, QUALI-Cité is constantly pushing the boundaries to create play and sports facilities for collective use that captivate, inspire and allow everyone's potential to unfold. 

Our dedication to excellence has positioned us among the market leaders... And we continue to explore new horizons! 


Discover our world and let us inspire you to create play spaces that embody your aspirations in powerful, expressive form.