Innovation, challenge and ethics

QUALI-Cité's philosophy is to devote our human resources and technological skills to creating quality products and services. 

We are convinced that there can be no successful company without solid values. At QUALI-Cité, every decision we take is governed by a rigorous code of conduct and strong values.

Manufacture of playgrounds and multi-sports pitchesManufacture of playgrounds and multi-sports pitches

Our values at the heart of our business

At the heart of our business, our fundamental values of innovation, challenge and transmission model guide every aspect of our commitment. 

QUALI-Cité embodies innovation at the heart of its development process, constantly challenges itself to reach new heights, and strives to share its values and best practices with the aim of creating an optimal working environment and moving towards excellency

Our investments in modern, high-performance equipment have enabled us to achieve our ambitious goals. Thanks to these cutting-edge industrial technologies, we remain at the forefront of innovation while maintaining the quality for which Quali-Cité® is renowned.

 Production-quality-playground-equipment Production-quality-playground-equipment

Respecting and valuing our employees 

We are aware that our performance cannot be simply financial. It must also include ethics, safety and respect for its employees in all its activities. 

At QUALI-Cité, we attach crucial importance to training, sharing knowledge and adopting good practice. This is a daily commitment, enabling us to offer pleasant working conditions, well-kept spaces and ergonomic workstations.