FLOORS: cushioning and recreational

Floor coverings for playgrounds and sports fields: A world of possibilities...

Designing a playground or sports area obviously involves choosing a type of flooring. Depending on your expectations and budget, there are many options for enhancing your play areas: synthetic floors, rubber, recycled materials, recyclable materials, natural materials, flexible or flowing materials... A crucial choice that can make all the difference in terms of safety, sporting performance and the play experience.

The importance of shock-absorbing floors in play areas

Shock-absorbing flooring, also known as safety flooring, plays a crucial role in play areas. Whether in public or private spaces, it is mandatory to install a shock-absorbing surface to guarantee children's safety and minimise the risk of accidents by absorbing the impact of falls.

Whether natural or synthetic, fluid or compact, they must take into account safety criteria such as the Height of Free Fall (HFL) to allow children to move around the play area.

International safety standards, such as European standard EN 1177, define the shock absorption requirements for playground flooring. Anti-slip and shock-absorbing properties are essential to reduce risks. Investing in high-quality flooring can therefore make a significant contribution to injury prevention and peace of mind for parents and supervisors.

Creative play: the playful impact of floor coverings

Well-chosen flooring is not just about safety and functionality. It can also add a playful dimension to the design of a play area. Imagine colourful floors with playful patterns that encourage children to explore and create. Athletics track patterns, basketball targets and drawn mazes can stimulate children's imaginations and encourage them to actively participate. Variations in colour and shape can also give your playgrounds or sports areas an aesthetic edge, also known as "active design", which encourages activity!

Moreover, different types of flooring offer different sensations underfoot, which can enrich children's sensory experience. Soft, cushy rubber floors can be pleasant to walk on barefoot, while harder surfaces can be ideal for ball games.

As experienced professionals, our dealers can provide you with relevant advice on the best possible options depending on the use, the recreational and sports equipment chosen, the resources devoted to maintenance and the geography of your project.

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