Expert in the design and manufacture of open-access sports fields, QUALI-Cité offers a range of outdoor soccer fields adapted to the practice of five-a-side soccer.

Soccer / five-a-side soccer is appreciated by amateur footballer for the liveliness of the game. The solid panels in the lower part as well as the ball-proof nets make the practice of soccer fluid but also less tiring. Soccer is a real asset for local authorities, providing an additional leisure activity for local residents and a diversified practice for soccer fans.
In free access, the five-a-side soccer fields are accessible to all public in complete safety.
The dimensions of five-a-side soccer fields are approved by the French Federation of Amateur Football (FFAF) for a practice in club with a length of 30m minimum and 35m maximum, a width of 18m minimum and 20m maximum, without clearance zone.


Quality at the best price

True to our philosophy, QUALI-Cité designs and manufactures high quality products:

  • A rigorous design work to obtain the best product at the best cost
  • A strict selection of the materials and components used, guarantee of long life and ease of maintenance
  • Steel treated against corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing
  • Raw galvanized aspect or powder-coated finish.

Technical specifications

  • Standard size for five-a-side soccer fields in accordance with the federal technical specifications of the French Federation of Amateur Football:
    • Required platform of 35 ml x 20 ml in asphalt or concrete slab
    • Minimum standard inside dimension: 30mlx 18m out of goal
    • Dimension of the goals 4m x 2m
  • 1.23m fences/pediments made of aluminum facing sandwich panel and hard extruded polystyrene core, perfectly jointed and without protrusion
  • Ball-impact guard up to 5m above ground level
  • Post fastening system with plate (equipped with reinforcement gusset) that combines aesthetics and sound comfort
  • Panel protection system and maintenance of stainless steel ball-impact guard nets, corrosion-resistant and tearing-proof.

Standard or custom made

Whatever your project may be, QUALI-Cité® accompanies you from the manufacturing to the installation of your soccer.

Our FFAF-approved fields comply with the federal technical specifications relating to the realization of a five-a-side soccer field. FFAF certification, which may allow a flat rate grant to be obtained for organizations and clubs affiliated with the French Federation of Football.
Nevertheless, our design office is able to adapt to all your design requests.


Resistant - Maintenance free - FFAF approved

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