To make quality products, you need quality materials! That's why we attach so much importance to selecting and controlling the quality and origin of our raw materials.


Our arm swing, net beam, tube slide, serpentine ladder and tunnel modules are all manufactured with the utmost care using top-quality stainless steel. Chosen for its remarkable properties, stainless steel is an ideal material for outdoor play areas.

The benefits: 

  • Highly resistant to corrosion and wear. It can withstand a wide range of climatic conditions while maintaining its appearance and performance.
  • High mechanical strength. Naturally robust, it supports heavy loads and contributes to the overall stability of play structures.
  • Non-porous, making it more difficult for bacteria and germs to accumulate. This makes it a hygienic option for playgrounds, guaranteeing a safer, cleaner environment for children.
  • Easy to clean, saving time and money.
  • Modern, elegant appearance.
  • 100% recyclable

QUALI-Cité advantages: 

Patented stainless steel posts: we have developed the "box post" type support post, in stainless steel, 4 mm thick. This concept secures assembly and limits access to fasteners.

All fasteners, combined with color panels in compact laminate (HPL), provide exceptional strength and stability.

All fasteners are secured by a metal-to-metal bond, preventing any loosening of components.

For our various suppliers, quality is extremely important. ISO/TS 16949, ISO-9001:2000, Ü-Zeichen, B Certificates and Total Quality Management (TQM) guarantee a high level of quality.


Due to its exceptional technical characteristics, we use aluminum to manufacture square, hexagonal and rectangular posts, as well as for cleats, rungs...

The benefits:

  • Lightweight, easy-to-handle material with high load-bearing capacity
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Outstanding durability
  • Low maintenance
  • A modern, aesthetic finish
  • 100% recyclable

QUALI-Cité advantages: 

Hexagonal aluminum box posts, 6060T5, 4 mm thick, with internal fastening system.

Square posts 60 x 60 mm, 2 mm thick, with internal fastening system.

Rectangular and L-shaped profiles, 3 mm thick: an essential part of the frames, they protect the leading edge of HPL floors, provide an anti-slip surface and stiffen the entire structure.



The longevity and quality of our equipment for multi-sports fields and outdoor street workouts lie in the rigorous selection of steels, the dimensional characteristics of the tubes used, the high quality of the anti-corrosion treatment of the black steels and the exceptional quality of the finish.

Technical specifications: 

For sports equipment, we use steel tubes with significant thicknesses, enabling the posts to support ballistic nets up to 6 meters high, without the need for reinforcing legs.  


Structure posts  Diameter 88.9 mm, Thickness 3 mm
Panel frame Diameter  42,4 mm,  Thickness  3 mm 
Panel filling Diameter  20 mm,  Thickness  2 mm


Street Workout

Structure posts  Diameter  88,9 mm,  Thickness 3 mm
Apparatus Diameter  42,4 mm,  Thickness  3 mm
Apparatus Diameter  33,7 mm,  Thickness  2,7 mm


tubes-acier_aires-jeux-terrains-sports-city-stade-Street Workouttubes-acier_aires-jeux-terrains-sports-city-stade-Street Workout


To withstand the impact of balloons and intensive use, our filling tubes are carefully fitted into the frames, then welded. This assembly process requires exceptional precision, made possible by laser cutting.

The bar design offers superior inertia thanks to its greater absorption surface compared with solid round-iron infill.


Anti-corrosion treatment:

We take quality seriously, which is why we have chosen hot-dip galvanizing as our anti-corrosion treatment. In collaboration with our partner, who has one of the largest automated plants in Europe, we have integrated this process right from the design stage of our multisports pitches.

Key steps in the heat treatment process include:

  • Selection of the ideal steel for optimal galvanizing, with class 1 properties, low silicon content (below 0.03) and low phosphorus content (silicon + 2.5 x phosphorus below 0.09).
  • Design of parts to facilitate galvanizing flow during dipping.
  • Complete inner and outer treatment of parts (including edges) for total protection.

The galvanizing of steels used by QUALI-Cité® complies with standards NF EN ISO 1461 and NF EN ISO 14713.


Powder coating: an excellent finish

At the heart of our production unit, our powder-coating workshop gives outdoor sports equipment a top-quality finish. This important step enhances the protection of our products and gives them a well-kept aesthetic appearance.


After galvanizing to protect our structures from corrosion, we use bead-blasting, a process of projecting non-contaminating particles such as glass beads, to obtain a rough texture comparable to orange peel. This meticulous preparation prepares the surface for the final treatment.

The parts are then powder-coated with a special Epoxy powder paint for exceptional adhesion. The result is a layer of paint around 100 microns thick, giving our equipment outstanding resistance to impact and corrosion.

The result is a solid surface that's pleasant to the touch, while preserving colors over time.

With powder coating, we combine know-how and aesthetics to produce outdoor sports equipment that stands out for its longevity and meticulous finish.

finition-thermolaquage-terrains-multisports-Street Workoutfinition-thermolaquage-terrains-multisports-Street Workout


Compact laminate panels, commonly known as HPL (High-Pressure Laminate), are innovative building materials that offer exceptional resistance to the elements. 

In compliance with the ON EN 438 CGF standard, these panels are manufactured from duromer laminated at very high pressure. They are designed to provide highly effective protection against weathering and other environmental stresses. These panels are manufactured at high pressure and temperature, using laminating presses, guaranteeing superior quality and durability.

Technical specifications : 

  • Extremely robust, HPL panels combine aesthetics and performance.
  • Anti-UV and anti-graffiti treatment, which reinforces resistance to external aggressions such as the harmful effects of the sun and acts of vandalism.
  • 15 mm anti-slip flooring for added safety even in wet or slippery conditions.
  • An integrated black core provides structural strength for durability and resistance to mechanical stress.

These technical features make HPL a first-rate choice for a wide range of projects, combining aesthetics, functionality and strength in a single material.



Using HPL compact laminate offers a host of advantages for your QUALI-Cité® outdoor play areas:

  • Resistance and longevity: Thanks to its exceptional mechanical resistance and remarkable durability, this material generates substantial savings on long-term maintenance costs.
  • Long-lasting investment: Its ability to stand the test of time and resist acts of vandalism make it a wise investment for outdoor spaces and public environments.
  • Aesthetic and playful: HPL compact laminate comes in a range of decors with contemporary, vibrant colours that stimulate the imagination and creativity.
  • Ecological and recyclable: As a 100% biosourced and recyclable material, HPL is part of an environmental approach. QUALI-Cité® implements a waste reprocessing system to transform waste into combustible material, thus contributing to the responsible management of resources.
  • Reliable supply chain: QUALI-Cité® distinguishes itself by favouring suppliers and partners that comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, thus guaranteeing a reliable and environmentally-friendly supply chain.

HPL compact laminate offers a sustainable, creative and environmentally-friendly solution for your playground design projects.


An industry benchmark, Starboard® is a specific high-density polyethylene developed for its exceptional performance in aggressive environments such as marine environments.

Tinted through the mass for a long-lasting colour, it offers minimal expansion in the face of heat and increased resistance to UV rays. With a thickness of 12.7 mm, it guarantees strength and durability.

Outstanding technical performance: 

Starboard® boasts unrivalled technical features. Shaped straight to overcome the challenges of sun exposure, it incorporates 13mm thick, exterior-grade Compact Laminate (HPL) runners. 

Its exclusive K-Stran® manufacturing process ensures exceptional uniformity and continuous flatness. This gives it dimensional stability, making it resistant to extreme environmental conditions.

Advantages :

Unlike certain materials, Starboard® frees you from the constraints of orientation linked to exposure to the sun, offering flexibility in the design of your projects.

From an aesthetic point of view, Starboard® has an elegant matt finish on both sides. Even when exposed to the sun, it does not fade, and the colour remains intact in the face of UV rays, giving it an attractive, long-lasting appearance.

Thanks to its pleasant texture and special gliding feel, Starboard® provides a pleasant tactile experience. Its soft touch and smooth glide enhance comfort, making your projects more enjoyable. What's more, it doesn't generate annoying reflections, further enhancing visual comfort.

In addition to its durability, Starboard® is environmentally friendly. It does not deteriorate and can be completely recycled, so preserving the planet's resources.

Easy to maintain, Starboard® combines dimensional stability, high density and robust design, ensuring long-term integrity, exceptional resistance and strength for a variety of uses.



Made entirely from stainless steel, we have selected all our screws and bolts for their exceptional resistance to wear, impact and vandalism, and for their ease of maintenance. Our junction brackets, which are 4 mm thick, are also made from stainless steel, so they'll stand up to the elements and wear and tear for a long time to come.

Why complicate what can be simple? All our bolts are Ø 10 mm - a deliberate choice to make assembly easier. This uniformity makes the assembly of our equipment smoother and quicker. Each bolt fits perfectly, ensuring hassle-free assembly and a robust structure in no time.

Security is paramount, which is why our assembly system incorporates anti-theft and anti-vandalism features. The heads of our screws are anti-theft Torx type, combined with a mechanical brake system. A combination that ensures solid fixing and discourages acts of vandalism.

Mechanical connections are made using TBX diameter 10 screws and locknuts.



Dedicated to playgrounds, our bead-blasted steel springs are protected by phosphating and an epoxy finish to prevent corrosion, in strict compliance with the stringent DIN7926/2 standards. This guarantees optimum quality and safety for playgrounds. 

à un système d’ancrage en acier galvanisé ou à une platine à spitter en inox. This practical design makes them easy to assemble and allows partial dismantling at the top, facilitating installation and maintenance.

These springs are tested for a service life in excess of 500,000 cycles.

When you choose our products, you're opting for materials that are the foundation of reliability and peace of mind in children's play areas.



Our QUALI-Cité® 16 mm OD ropes are designed for durability and exceptional performance. Each rope is made up of 6 steel strands, each with an impressive strength of 170 kg/mm². You can count on their exceptional breaking strength of up to 2,000 daN, ensuring maximum safety.

These ropes are anti-UV treated for added protection against the elements.

Easy maintenance is a priority. Each of the ropes that make up a QUALI-Cité net module can be dismantled individually, simplifying maintenance operations without disrupting the entire structure. 

What's more, our range of QUALI-Cité colours offers a variety of aesthetic options to personalise your project.

The thread assembly lugs are made from high-quality polyamide, 
The assembly lugs and other connections for the rope modules have been designed and developed in-house by our design office. All are made from polyamide, a material renowned for its strength and reliability.




The climbing holds have been specially developed in-house by our design office to meet our requirements. Designed to resist wear, impact and climatic variations, they guarantee exceptional performance. 

QUALI-Cité® climbing holds are carefully designed to optimise grip, make it easier to hold on and adapt perfectly to the shape of your hands. Anti-slip, they also provide essential stability for your feet, so you can climb with confidence.

Climbing holds are available in three different models:

  • Two models with geometries designed to allow 3 different difficulties for one, and 5 different difficulties for the other, depending on their orientation. The orientation of these holds is guaranteed by anti-rotation counters, ensuring that there is no movement over time.
  • A model with a geometry that allows a long grip or support, developed for attachment to Ø88.9 poles, but also to climbing walls and tunnels.

CThese climbing holds are made using bi-material injection moulding: the first in polyamide to create a rigid shell, and the second in polyurethane to create a supple skin that's pleasant to the touch.