Meeting point

Meeting point

Meeting spaces offer an ideal solution for landscaping public outdoor areas, creating relaxation zones where aesthetics, comfort and functionality combine harmoniously. Combining functionality and aesthetics, they come in a variety of modern, elegant designs that blend perfectly into any environment.

Whether in parks, playgrounds or near a sports ground, meeting points are an invitation to sit back and take it easy. True shelters, they offer protection against weather conditions such as rain, wind and sun. 

The materials used in their manufacture combine durability and strength, thanks to their design in HPL and exterior-quality powder-coated steel. They are specifically designed to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring a long life and minimising maintenance costs.

Our shelters are designed for quick and easy installation, minimising disruption to the surrounding environment and enabling rapid use by the public.

Create the meeting point you want! Depending on its size, very open or partially closed, the choice of roof and post colours, with or without a table... Create THE meeting point that meets your needs. Our teams are on hand to help you with your made-to-measure project!