Compliance with standards


As a major player in the field of playgrounds and local sports equipment, we give absolute priority to safety. 

This fundamental commitment constantly guides us in the meticulous design and manufacture of each piece of playground and sports equipment.

Designed in strict compliance with current European standards, all our outdoor play and sports equipment is manufactured with the utmost vigilance. 

Each piece of play equipment is inspected and certified by an independent laboratory. All equipment manufactured and distributed by QUALI-Cité® benefits from a certificate of compliance with safety requirements, issued by C.E.T.E. APAVE Nord¬ Ouest following a type examination in accordance with article 5.2 of decree no. 94-699 of August 10, 1994 (excluding furniture).

Safety built into every detail of the game

As the ideal place for physical activity and learning, safety is paramount in children's play areas. 

Play structures must comply with current NF EN 1176 safety standards to limit risks.

In addition to meeting the strict requirements of safety standards, we ensure that each element is optimally dimensioned to guarantee children's safety in the best possible conditions.

A peaceful sporting experience

Our local sports facilities (multi-sports pitch, soccers and street workout) are designed and manufactured in compliance with European standard NF EN-15312+A1.

It applies to all open-access sports equipment intended for permanent (not temporary) installation for public, individual and collective use. 

This European standard specifies the requirements, including safety requirements, for the equipment itself, for its installation, inspection and maintenance.

A rigorous approach

Each project is approached through the prism of the standard to which it is subject. Right from the start of the project, we take into account the normative requirements and tests to be carried out before your equipment can be marketed.

Every piece of playground equipment comes with detailed assembly, installation and maintenance instructions. We insist on scrupulous compliance with these instructions to guarantee safe use. 

QUALI-Cité guarantees compliance with current European standards, which are among the most rigorous in the world. We also adapt to all the standards of the countries in which we distribute our equipment.

Whatever the audience - toddlers, children with disabilities, teenagers... - we are committed to complying with current standards, while stimulating imagination and creativity so that play remains a pleasure!