4L Trophy: QUALI-cité sponsor of Clément & Thomas

4L Trophy: QUALI-cité sponsor of Clément & Thomas


For the 22nd edition, QUALI-cité® embarks on the adventure 4L Trophy by sponsoring the team Clément and Thomas. Coming from the Reunion Island, they are brothers and share the same passion for motor sports. At 19 and 22 years old, the two studients decide take part in this year edition of the 4L Trophy, the solidarity orientation trail in the Moroccan Grand South, dedicated to young people from 18 to 28 years old. They create their association « Formule 4L » and raise funds on leetchi. They contact our company through their cousin, Alexandre, owner of the company « Réunion Réalisation », reseller of QUALI-Cité® play structures in the Reunion Island. Their project and motivations have found real traction among our managers.

Both sporting and for charity, the raid carries values that are important to them: mutual aide, eco-citizen commitment and solidarity project. Supervised by the association « Enfants du désert » (“Children of the desert”), strong partner of the race, Clément and Thomas leave with the trunk full of school material and sport equipment, but not only. Thanks to the registration fees they contribute to the construction of school in the most remote places of the desert and thus they help increasing the number of children to have access to education.

Biarritz-Marrakech: a human and sportive adventure of 6 000 km

With the number 1096, the team Clément and Thomas will join the 21st of February 2019 the 1200 Renault 4L for the beginning of the race in Biarritz. This first step is also the opportunity for each team to give the Croix Rouge (Red Cross) 10 kg of non-perishable foods. Three days to go through Spain and the Gibraltar Strait and the race can finally begin.  With their most precious ally, the compass, the two brothers will be joining in 5 days the imperial city of Marrakech, by using roads and tracks full of surprises! Breakdown, punctured wheels, but also mutual aid, bivouacs, visits of schools supported by the « Enfants du désert » (“Children of the desert”) and charitable donations…

After a day of rest and the awards ceremony, all the teams will be heading back to Europe towards new horizons, enriched by an unforgettable experience.

Now you understand why we wanted to be by their side!

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