L’Aigle inaugurates its sports facilities

L’Aigle inaugurates its sports facilities


Since the 1st of July, 2019, inhabitants of L’Aigle can enjoy the installation of a brand new multisport court and a Teqball table, which has been equipped by QUALI-Cité®. Dedicated to leisure and sport, this place has been designed to please the greatest number and to promote social bond between inhabitants.

A place for sports and human meetings

The virtues of sport no longer needs to be demonstrated and brings many benefits, both on psychological and physical aspects. This is why the municipality of L’Aigle gets interested in its citizen’s well-being by creating this space dedicated to sport. Located in the heart of the Blaizot district, no far from the college and the high school, it is also a great place for intergenerational meetings between young people and sports enthusiasts.


One sports field for numerous activities

Coming from the Premium range, the city-stadium with red and grey powder-coated steel has been installed on asphalt paving. With its 12 meters of width and 24 meters of length, it has 6 basketball hoops – two on the pediments and four on the lateral sides, 4 mini goals in addition to the 2 goals of the pediments, a back goal PRM (People with Reduced Mobility) access and a multi-function net post for volleyball, badminton or tennis. The city-stadium is also equipped with ball-impact nets on higher parts, in order to secure the surroundings.


A complete installation: a multisport field and a Teqball® table

Not yet well known, the teqball is a unique sporting entity, which has more and more enthusiasts. Astonishing and innovative, it is a sport accessible to all whatever the level… it only takes little time to master the game. You play, at two or more, with a simple balloon: with the foot like football or with hands like volleyball or handball! The particularity of this table call Teqboard®, is its curved profile which designed to revive the game.. No doubt that the inhabitants of L’Aigle will get passionate about this extremely fun sport, which complete perfectly the multisport field installed next to it.


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