Let’s help our kids move!

Let’s help our kids move!


« For most doctors the inactivity of the people, and more specifically the inactivity of children, is a real catastrophe”. One observation: the French children are not having enough physical activity! A trend particularly reinforced by the digital consumption.

Even if days are busy, the choice to spend leisure time with a physical activity stays a real option. Although schools have dedicated time tables for supervised sports practice, it’s still not enough. Outside of these times, children must also learn to regularly and independently practice physical activity so that it becomes part of a real lifestyle and this from an early age! And what best way to make them move than offering them to play.

Outdoor playgrounds and multisport fields are ideal solutions to exercise while having fun.

Playgrounds to move and have fun

Crawl, climb, jump, run… the outdoor playgrounds contribute to physical exercise if they are well designed. For example, for nurseries and kindergartens, the range Baby is particularly ideal. With a small fall height, this range is made for small children to test their abilities in an adapted environment. Professional of early childhood especially appreciates the play activities designed to promote the acquisition of skills by controlling the free fall height.

But there are play structures for all ages. To keep them interesting, even for older children (up to 14 years old), the range Méga and the structures with high fall height makes attractive playgrounds. 

The city stadiums: sport for all

Whether installed in rural or urban areas, the multisport courts in free access are encouraging collective sport. Children, teenagers, parents, occasional or amateur sportsmen can practice physical activity in a dedicated and secure space. From a simple ball game to a fierce basketball match, through a beautiful tennis game, the city stadium is above all a place for social interaction where sporting practice takes its place. At the age when children are looking for friends, this is an ideal place to meet while doing sports.

Moving through play is not just practicing a physical activity… it is also learning, experiencing, improving and meeting!

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