Multisport arena: get the perfect equipment!

Multisport arena: get the perfect equipment!


There are many reasons why we all need to practice sports. At the same time, the installation of multisport fields in municipalities is often complex. The need of space and safety, the cost of maintenance of outdoor fields (grass) and gymnasiums, diversity of urban districts…

Well equipped to play well!

 The increasingly sedentariness of people on their workplace and the necessity to exercise at all age creates requirements from the citizens towards the municipalities managers.

How to allow practice of sport in villages or neighborhoods, whether they are residential areas or in the heart of collective housing? How to preserve the bonds between the inhabitants of a single place and promote intergenerational meetings? What if the solution was in the multisport fields?

Faced with these multiple aspects, the QUALI-Cité® multisport fields are present!

The QUALI-Cité® sports facilities adapt to space constraints. The compact city stadiums of 9 meters by 18 meters allow an easy integration into residential areas (neighborhoods, city centers). QUALI-Cité® also designs and manufactures multisport fields with smaller or higher sizes in order to meet more specific needs. Equipped with shocks absorbers for noises and vibrations, the multisport fields ensure a peaceful cohabitation with the citizens.

Furthermore, the multisport field offers a wide variety of sports (basketball, handball, soccer, volleyball, tennis…) in order to satisfy as many sportspeople as possible. 


Safe play areas 

Because the protection of people is crucial, QUALI-Cité® offers effective solutions to secure its sports equipment: enhance with nets (ball-impact guard), roof net to prevent balls from going onto streets with vehicles.  In addition, anchoring for equipment such as goals is resistant to avoid accidents. All multisport fields are designed and manufactured in compliance with the standard NF-EN 15312+A1 of October 2010, relating to sports equipment with free access.

Made of hot dipped galvanized steel and powder coated, the equipment presents optimal quality and longevity guarantees, while giving free choice on esthetics. The range Cité Sport QUALI-Cité® offers a large choice of color finishing and a 100 % metal or a combination of wood and metal.

Find the perfect multisport field for you!

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