New single-seater swings in the catalogue

New single-seater swings in the catalogue


Key equipment of the playgrounds for collective use, swings invites children to discover the pleasure of rocking while developing physical and sensorial skills. Help from a third person also promote socialization throughout outdoor playgrounds. In order to complete the already wide swing range, three single-seater swings have recently been designed: the PO 731, PO 733 and PO 735. Strong with their aluminum posts and stainless steel chains, these swings can host in option either the standard seat for children from 4 years old (PO 701), either the baby seat adapted to young children from 1 to 3 years old (PO 702).

To maximize safety of children, the normative recommendations impose a minimum height for the installation of the seats on the swing. From the level zero of the floor, the minimum required height is 350 mm for the standard seats and 400 mm pour the baby seats.


A specific arrangement for enclosed spaces

These outdoor play areas with fences are subject to normative recommendations (EN 1176-1: 2017 art. relating to the design and location of swings.

Although fences are generally not the best solution for separating swings, it is advisable to evaluate the free space in the swinging direction on an individual basis, taking into consideration the environment, the type of swing and the type of seat. The risk of a bad use will be higher with large swing with open seats and, to a lesser extent, with baby seats or seats for young children. A smaller clearing in the swinging direction might be accepted event if the risks are not considered as sufficient. The technical files provided by QUALI-Cité are taking into consideration the normative requirements after analysis of the risk.

Concretely, fences must be installed at a minimum of 1,5 m from the edge of the seat of the swing, and at 1,5 m from the limit of the safety area in the swinging direction.

Another recommendation, the fences used as enclosed space must have one or several entries located on the corners of the enclose space the closest from the center of the play area. The objective is to discourage children from waiting their turn or to pass behind the swings. Entries must slow children entering the playground.