Playgrounds are rising up

Playgrounds are rising up


The trend of giant outdoor play structures seems to have been confirmed for several years. They are the centerpieces of playgrounds, they enthrall majestically and impose! They are impressive by their height, and the main towers allow going up at 5 m (floor height) and they are totally adjustable.


A maximum of play activities

With a wide range of play activities, these wonderful playgrounds offer children a wide variety of games. Because the game is an essential element in the development of children, these huge play spaces allow all fantasies:  xxl tube slide, sliding, climbing, rope ladders ... The gigantism of the structure gives children the impression of a true labyrinth where they play to get lost and where they are in search of their autonomy while guaranteeing maximum security.


A unique meeting place

More than for others structures, the design plays a key role for these unusual format of structures. Whether it is based on a natural environment, or it is confused with an urban environment or that it detonates, the least detail is thought out and taken with care so that the design and the aesthetics adapt to the requested project. By its singularity, the giant playground is a place that is noticeable, an essential meeting point and friendly for children but also for accompanying adults!

These mega outdoor play structures can simultaneously accommodate a large number of children ready to live great adventures. Who will first reach the top of the big tower? Ready, set, go…


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