Why install a playground on a school yard?

Why install a playground on a school yard?


Why install a playground on a school yard?

In the sometimes very mineral school yards, between concrete and tar, the play equipment make the places more welcoming thanks to their bright colors and their numerous thematic (vegetal, wood aspect…). But in addition to an aesthetic choice, outdoor playgrounds have many advantages for schoolchildren. Here are 5 good reasons to install playgrounds in school yards:

1 # Outdoor playgrounds contribute to the awakening of young children. They participate in the development of their motor skills thanks to the proposed playful activities: climbing, crawling, hanging on, handling… Play equipment also allow sensory experiences such as sliding, balancing, height… The BABY range has been developed to specifically meet the expectations of safety of professionals working with young children.

2 # Outdoor play equipment allow older children to continue learning in a fun way. Thematic of the MINI range around numbers and alphabet is perfectly consistent with the educational universe. The play and handling panels complement the learning objectives while having fun: learn to tell the time, recognize the solar system, count with an abacus, associate colors, and discover the braille alphabet…   

3 # Recreation is also an outlet for kids! After an intense brain focus during teaching time, recreations are above all moments of intellectual discharge and oxygenation over short periods of time. The multiplication of play points helps to spread the flows and optimize play times.

4 # Broadly speaking, outdoor playgrounds promote sporting activity in a fun way. An obvious sedentarization has installed in our society and children are the first victims. Encouraging movement, stimulating desire, is an integral part of the design of a playground and requires real know-how so that everyone enjoys it.

5 # Collective play equipment promotes the development of skills other than educational ones: physical, psychomotor, coordination of movements, but not only. They encourage children to dare, to challenge themselves, to surpass themselves, to play with others… with everyone else thanks to inclusive playful activities!

Then, aren’t collective playgrounds places of development and fulfilment for children? Whatever your project or your budget, there are solutions to develop the school yards in your town.

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