Steel sports arena

Life pan and quality of the equipment mainly depends on the selection of the steel and the dimensional specification of tubes used.

For the multisport arena, we are using steel tube with significative thickness.

ADVANTAGE : Pole of the structure can go up to 6 meters high without any bracing.

ASSEMBLY : For facing to intensive usage and ball impact, intermediate rails are put onto the tube frame and then welded. Such assembly require high level of accuracy, reason why we are using laser cut technology.

NOTA : as the absorbing surface is bigger, the intermediate rail have a better inertia compare to panel with round bar.

ANTI-CORROSION TREATMENT : To meet our requirement in term of quality, we have chosen the hot dip galvanization process for the anti-corrosion treatment.

Thanks to our partner which own one of the biggest and the most atomized plant in Europe (with a know-how of nearly 50 years), the hot dip galvanization process has been taken into consideration from the beginning of the design and development of the multisport arena :

- For identifying the adequacy of steel quality. We are using a minimum class 2, with a rate of silicon under 0,04 and a rate of phosphor under 0,1, quality significantly over the E24.

- For designing each parts of the equipment for optimizing the dipping process.


- The dipping process allowing the internal and external treatment of steel.

- The average thickness of galvanization closed to 80 microns (much more efficient than the Sendzimir treatment which allows a maximum thickness of zinc of 20 microns).

The hot dip galvanization done on the steel proposed By QUALI-Cité are strictly on compliance with the standard on effect : NF EN ISO 1461 et NF EN ISO 14713.

POWDER COATING : After galvanization, metallic parts are micro beaded (high pressure shot blasting of non-aggressive particles like glass beads) for getting a rough finish on the surface before the final finishing which consist on powder coating with an painting type epoxy for an exceptional withstand. The finish of the powder coating is around 100 microns which offer a very good resistance against shocks and insure to keep the brightness of colors.



Poles for structure                                      Ø 88,9mm – Thickness 3,2mm

Frame of bars panel                                   Ø 42,4mm - Thickness 3mm

Vertical intermediate rails                         Ø 20 mm - Thickness 2 mm