"You are" : a tourist accommodation Campsite, holiday residence, hotel...

As a tourist operator, you are looking to attract and retain your customers by offering a unique and high quality product. You want leisure facilities that appeal to families and are suitable for all ages. We understand the challenges you face and that is why we offer you equipment solutions for the development of your collective playgrounds adapted to your needs, whatever your budget.

Create a difference with a playground that looks like you

We know that in order to attract and retain customers, it is important to offer a different experience from other accommodations.

Adopt a consistent style with a design that reflects the personality and style of your establishment! To create a unique outdoor play area...

  •  Bet on your identity: nature, dynamic, very family-friendly, festive, friendly...
  • Let your environment inspire you: cultural heritage, mountains, seaside, green tourism
  • Set up outdoor play equipment on a specific theme such as the sea, jungle, space, animals, etc., which reinforces the identity of your venue. 

To build your children's outdoor play area like a leisure park, rely on our experts in the design of play and sports areas. They will guide you in choosing the most effective combinations to satisfy your vacationers while taking into account the evolution of trends and the market. 

Large collective play structures are also a real differentiating factor in attracting families and offering them an exceptional play experience. Imposing and remarkable, these play structures will leave no one indifferent, whether it is a Titan tower, an Aérial play structure or a large boat. Their impressive size makes it possible to offer many activities, to create an unusual playful atmosphere and to build their loyalty by offering them memorable souvenirs. 

Offer a range of outdoor group activities adapted to all

One of the biggest challenges for a tourist accommodation is to offer a variety of activities that are suitable for all ages. 

Whether it's to play, relax, have fun or make new friends, the objectives of each vacationers are different. That’s why we offer outdoor playground equipment for children up to 14 years old and intergenerational sports fields that meet their level and desires. 

Outdoor playground equipment has a significant impact on customer loyalty, as well as attracting new customers. Tourists who appreciate the quality of the outdoor facilities tend to return regularly and recommend the campsite to their friends and family, which helps to strengthen the reputation of the campsite and stimulate long-term growth.

Children's playground for tourist accommodation: campsites, open-air hotelsChildren's playground for tourist accommodation: campsites, open-air hotels

Create friendly play and sports areas

Creation of outdoor play areas for campsites and hotelsCreation of outdoor play areas for campsites and hotels

Create friendly play and sports areas to encourage people to meet and talk during their holidays. Outdoor recreational areas, such as multi-sports fields, can stimulate communication by bringing children and parents together in recreational sports activities. These areas can also be used for spontaneous or organized activities, such as intergenerational tournaments.

By adding comfortable spaces, such as benches, chairs, hammocks and picnic tables in shaded areas, you can improve the well-being of all visitors and create multiple interest areas in your campsite, holiday residence or village. These leisure areas can even become meeting places for vacationers.

As a manufacturer of playgrounds and multi-sports fields, we can help you to attract and retain your customers by offering tailor-made play and sports equipment solutions. Ensuring that families have a great holiday is key to maximizing your chances of retaining customers. Please contact us now to find out more about our offers and how we can improve your customers' experience.

The QUALI-Cité advantages :

  • Personalized support for your project
  • Highly resistant to the vagaries of the weather
  • Low maintenance
  • Modularity, customization
  • Safety: fireproof, EN normative conformity certificate


Themed playground with a playful caterpillar balance structureThemed playground with a playful caterpillar balance structure
Large playground structure for a campsiteLarge playground structure for a campsite
Play structure with brightly colored 3-tower slidePlay structure with brightly colored 3-tower slide
Steel/wood multisports pitch for soccer and basketballSteel/wood multisports pitch for soccer and basketball