"You are" : a Community

Planning a public park or a square? Are you looking for playground equipment, sports equipment and street furniture for your community? Whether you are a small town or a large city, the development of a playground or an outdoor sports field has become a major issue in terms of territorial policy. 

As a local authority, you are keen to offer leisure solutions for a wide and varied public: children, young people, teenagers, families, adults, senior citizens, beginners or experienced sportsmen. The choice of equipment is therefore essential and must meet the expectations of the target audience(s).

Encourage interaction thanks to play and sports areas

The installation of play and sports equipment makes it possible to liven up the public space and encourage meetings around play and sports activities.

These places offer much more than moments of leisure, they also create animation in a town or a neighborhood. They encourage exchanges between members of the community and help to combat situations of isolation. 

The fact that access to an outdoor playground is free of charge offers access to leisure activities without financial constraints to the greatest number of people. Playgrounds in public parks fully play their societal role by promoting social, gender and generational diversity.

The QUALI-Cité playground ranges are designed to meet all needs. Whether it is an outdoor playground or a multi-sports field with free access, the equipment must be designed to accommodate children and adults of all ages with different levels of practice, and sometimes with disabilities. 

Design inclusive playgrounds

Our PRM (People with Reduced Mobility) playgrounds are developed taking into account all types of disabilities, not only physical but also sensory (sight, touch, and hearing). From the design to the layout, inclusive playgrounds integrate playful activities so that each child can have fun and progress according to their abilities. 

Designing an inclusive playground is a holistic approach that relies on the choice of play equipment but also on the integration into its environment. The choice of access, the variety of activities and the type of floor are essential for the project to be a real success.

PRM access and fun activities for inclusive play areasPRM access and fun activities for inclusive play areas

Encourage the practice of outdoor physical activity in public spaces

Outdoor sports facilities for public useOutdoor sports facilities for public use

Playgrounds such as outdoor sports areas with free access encourage regular physical activity. Investing in outdoor play equipment promotes a healthy and active lifestyle that reduces the risk of diseases linked to the increasing sedentary lifestyle of our society. 

Depending on the age, the activities are adapted to let off steam in the open air in complete safety. Our range of games have been designed according to children's age groups, their abilities and centers of interests. 

  Develop the attractiveness of the territory with leisure equipment

Outdoor playground equipment for communitiesOutdoor playground equipment for communities

Playgrounds, multi-sports fields or outdoor street workouts are real assets for a village, a town or a neighborhood. Not only do they contribute to improving the living environment of the inhabitants, but they also attract new residents seduced by the urban and landscaping features.

As a designer and manufacturer, we offer local authorities unique taylor-made playgrounds that highlight the local heritage: customization of a castle for a medieval town, playground themed on the sea, the world of Jules Verne, etc. 

QUALI-Cité advantages :

  • Very resistant to shocks and scratches
  • Durable even in extreme conditions
    (frost, sea spray, wind, sun, etc.)
  • Designed with anti-vandalism systems
  • Easy maintain
  • Ecologically responsible products
  • Made in France

Ranges to be highlighted

Multi-function slide play structureMulti-function slide play structure
Structure for collective outdoor play areasStructure for collective outdoor play areas
Painted steel multi-sports pitch with running trackPainted steel multi-sports pitch with running track
Street WorkoutStreet Workout