All equipment manufactured and distributed by QUALI-Cité® comes with a certificate of compliance with safety requirements issued by the CETE APAVE Nord-Ouest following a type examination in accordance with Article 5.2 of Decree no.94-699  of 10 August 1994 (excepting street furniture).

Each piece of playground equipment is delivered with assembly, installation and maintenance instructions, along with its nomenclature. Instructions contained in these documents must be followed to the letter and kept by the playground's owner or manager.

As regards the standard reference base, QUALI-Cité® uses the european standards currently in force: NF EN-1176-1 / NF EN-1176-2 / NF EN-1176-3 / NF EN-1176-4 / NF EN-1176-6 / NF EN-1176-7 (following the new standard approved in 2017),along with the canadian CAN/CAS-Z614 standard (for sliding poles).

More than a sport equipment...

More than a sport equipment… Equipment dedicated to sport from the range Cité Sport are designed and manufactured in France, following strictly safety requirements, in order for anyone to practice sport in the best conditions of safety.

The European Standard EN 15312+A1 for the free access sport equipment must be installed permanently (not concerned temporary installation). This equipment are generally (but not only) for practicing basket-ball, badminton, football, handball, tennis, volleyball, hockey, table tennis. The relevant Standard describe the requirements in term of safety for the users and the equipment itself, the installation, the procedure of control and maintenance.

Standard is applicable for any equipment with free access, usable by the general public (individually and collectively), mainly for kids and teenagers. This type of equipment are not dedicated for toddlers (for example, prohibited for kids under 36 months).

The relevant standard is not applicable for equipment installed on the beach, does not defined specification regarding the safety surface, and do not take into consideration local environment and any specificities not directly concerned by the Sport equipment with free access. For the access, the only requirement defined by the standard is for the PRM access.