"You are" : Architect or landscaper

Are you looking for play and sports equipment solutions for a landscaping project? QUALI-Cité, as a manufacturer and designer, provides landscape architects, city planners and landscape designers with quality products with elegant and playful design. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the design and supply of playgrounds, street furniture and sports fields, we support design offices, according to your needs, in their development projects.

We are aware of the challenges you face in designing a playground or sports area that meets the expectations of a public that is as demanding as it is varied (children, families, local residents and communities).


We put our expertise at your disposal to carefully study the stakes and potential of the site, analyze the needs of future users according to the specifications, organize the space according to the different uses while respecting the standards in force, and harmoniously integrate the elements into the environment.

Create attractive play and sports areas

As architects, city planners and landscape designers, we understand the importance of creating attractive public spaces that offer recreational activities for children and families. We understand that each space is unique and deserves a personalized approach. To ensure a successful playground, we will work closely with you to design playgrounds and sports areas that meet your specific needs.

At QUALI-Cité, we are committed to creating attractive, fun and functional designs. We aim to provide unique and original designs that stimulate children's imagination. The DAOU and AWA ranges, with their exclusive designs that explore different artistic worlds, are an example of our commitment to creating original and unique designs. 

We have taken the concept of customization to the next level by offering a wide range of colors and themes for our products, allowing many combinations to create warm and welcoming play and sports spaces.

In addition, we believe that public spaces should be accessible to all, including people with disabilities. That is why we offer a wide selection of play equipment and options for creating inclusive playgrounds.

Rely on the unique expertise of a dynamic company

Our company is driven by a relentless quest for novelties, unique products, innovative designs and advanced technical systems. 

Specialized in the playground and multi-sports field market, we distinguish ourselves by our modern and forward-looking approach. With an in-house R&D department, we closely monitor market trends and customer requirements to ensure that our product range evolves in line with trends and needs. 

We have also adopted a CSR approach and are ISO 9001 certified to demonstrate our commitment to environmental and social responsibility. We believe that our actions today will determine the consequences tomorrow, and we are committed to providing superior products to meet the challenges of the future. 

Manufacture of unique play areasManufacture of unique play areas

Choose functional and sustainable play equipments

High-quality play areas for public useHigh-quality play areas for public use

We care about the quality and durability of our products. We know that it is important for you to choose functional and durable equipment for your playgrounds. That is why we use high quality materials, selected for their resistance to weather and wear. 

We also integrate eco-design into our manufacturing process to offer you high quality, robust and durable equipment that respects the environment. We offer warranties of up to 30 years on our products, as well as a production follow-up of spare parts for immediate availability, quick turnaround and great responsiveness.

Dare to create large-scale, made-to-measure playgrounds!

Large play structures Large play structures

At QUALI-Cité, we are able to design and manufacture customized play equipment of exceptional dimensions. 

Our large play structures can reach up to 7 meters in height, offering incredible play routes at dizzying heights, breathtaking views and experiences suitable for all ages. 

We are used to working on ambitious projects of any size or theme. We can achieve original themes and ultra-customization in harmony with the environment, brand identity, historical and cultural heritage...

Discover some of our made-to-measure playground projects. 

The QUALI-Cité advantages :

  • Original designs
  • Made to measure
  • Design of large structures
  • Sustainable materials and designs
  • Produits responsables écologiquement
  • 3D project integration

Ranges to be highlighted

Play areas with a playful designPlay areas with a playful design
A range of playground structures with an original design A range of playground structures with an original design
Manufacturer of large outdoor play structures Manufacturer of large outdoor play structures
Themed playgrounds and theme parksThemed playgrounds and theme parks