"You are" : a nursery or a school

Childcare professionals agree that play is essential for children from a very early age. 

Whether in multi-care centers, nurseries or schools, outdoor play areas are essential for developing their creative potential, coordination and sociability at any age. At QUALI-Cité, we offer a range of playgrounds specially designed to meet the needs of children while guaranteeing their safety.

Invest in an outdoor playground for a fun and stimulating education

When it comes to children's education, playing is essential for their physical, mental and social development. Outdoor playgrounds offer a unique opportunity for toddlers to discover the world around them, through the colors, sounds and textures they can explore. Climbing, jumping, sliding... all activities that stimulate children's psychomotor skills.

For childcare facilities such as nurseries and kindergartens, it is essential to consider the safety of children. That is why we make it a point of honor to comply with the strictest safety standards in the design and manufacture of our outdoor playgrounds.

We are convinced that investing in a quality outdoor playground will meet the specific needs of children in terms of stimulation and learning. Make the choice of a playful and stimulating education thanks to our outdoor playgrounds for toddlers.

Turn your playground into an educational and creative playground for your students

Children grow, develop and their centers of interests change. This is why our playgrounds are designed to adapt to the different stages of development of children. 

In the educational environment, pedagogy is omnipresent and continues even during leisure time such as recess. Games allow children to learn while having fun.

We offer various themes, such as the alphabet and numbers, to stimulate cognitive functions. Our play panels are also designed to support memory, reasoning and logic.

As an expert for over 20 years, we advise and support schools in designing inclusive play areas, suitable for all children, regardless of their abilities.


outdoor play areas for primary schools, educational establishmentsoutdoor play areas for primary schools, educational establishments

Create the opportunity for children to be free and to play

Fun and educational playground structures Fun and educational playground structures

Playtime is of paramount importance for children who need to let off steam and express themselves in order to concentrate better afterwards. Highly anticipated by children, playtime allow them to shout and release pressure in inspiring play spaces.

In an increasingly sedentary society, it is crucial to think about the physical development of young people. For this, education is no longer limited to academic teaching, but also includes the physical well-being of children. Play activities reduce the feeling of physical exertion and help children to excel, to feel proud of their achievements.

Playgrounds and sports contribute to children's development by developing physical skills such as running, jumping, sliding, balancing.... By using these skills regularly as they grow, they can become more agile and confident.

Provide a safe environment for children and professionals

Play areas designed for toddlers Play areas designed for toddlers

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to the design and manufacture of playgrounds. We understand that both children and professionals need a safe environment.

While risk-taking is essential for children's development, we are committed to meeting all the current standards required to ensure the safety and peace of mind of the professionals who work with children on a daily basis. This is why an independent body certifies all our play and multi-sports equipment.

QUALI-Cité uses all its expertise, professionalism and know-how to offer an ideal setting for peaceful play.

The QUALI-Cité advantages :

  • Activities adapted to all ages from 1 year old.
  • Games that comply with safety standards
    and are certified by an independent body
  • A personalized design
  • Durable and low maintenance play equipment
  • 100% French manufacture

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