"You are" a shopping center

Are you looking to increase footfall in your shopping center, attract new customers and build visitor loyalty? Invest in a unique playground that will make them want to come back. 

A shopping center is much more than just a place to shop. It also offers a growing range of leisure activities to ensure a successful customer experience.

As a shopping center, it is important to offer fun and entertaining activities for children to ensure an enjoyable shopping experience for the whole family. That's why investing in outdoor or indoor play areas is a wise choice.

Attract and retain families with a playground

Families with children represent a large part of the potential customers of shopping center. 

The installation of a well-designed playground inevitably attracts families by providing a place where children can play and have fun while parents shop. 

Playgrounds offer a well-deserved break for parents, who can continue shopping in peace. 

Children can have fun and play in a safe environment. This allows families to stay longer in the shopping center, thus increasing the length of stay of customers and giving them more time to enjoy the shops.

Play areas are also an excellent way to retain family shoppers who are looking for activities for their children while combining fun with convenience. 

Thanks to our experience of more than 20 years, we can help you choose and design your playground to make it a place of life and conviviality. 

Create an exceptional play area

Between the restaurant, the cinema, the climbing walls and the laser game, the leisure offer has become a strategic element to attract and retain an increasingly demanding clientele. The creation of a play area within the commercial space thus makes it possible to captivate a large number of shoppers, by offering a unique and immersive place.

Theming is an excellent way of attracting visitors' attention and creating a fun and attractive atmosphere. QUALI-Cité offers many themes to meet children's expectations: a large castle, a ship, a jungle structure in the middle of a green environment that brings calm... 

Simply choose an eye-catching theme and we will design the play structure that will fit perfectly into your space.

Playground in a shopping centerPlayground in a shopping center

Colors, material and design, you choose what best suits your playground project. Our team will share its creativity with you, while maintaining the highest quality of service, from design and delivery to installation.

For a long time reserved for the public domain, playgrounds have their place in shopping center. Spectacular in size, they are capable of accommodating a large number of children simultaneously. Discover our large play structures that can reach 8 meters in height. 

Finally, collective playgrounds play an important role in the animation of the commercial space by stimulating the circulation of visitors and by generating traffic in the most isolated shops. They can also be the ideal place to organize events for children, creating a friendly and festive atmosphere in the shopping center.

Differentiate yourself from the competition

Indoor playground Shopping mallIndoor playground Shopping mall

The retail sector is highly competitive and is undergoing a deep questioning, particularly with e-commerce. 

To stand out from the competition in a highly competitive retail sector, shopping center need to offer a unique and enjoyable shopping experience for their visitors. 

By installing a playground, the shopping center can not only increase its brand awareness with spectacular structures, but also strengthen its brand image by offering a relevant theme or an attractive design.

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor playground, we design and build the playground of your dreams. We take into account the technical characteristics and normative aspects to offer you a tailor-made project, adapted to your expectations. 

Thanks to our expertise, you benefit from serious professional support and quality advice for a successful project. 

The QUALI-Cité advantages :

  • Tailor-made projects
  • Large structures
  • Very resistant to shocks and scratches
  • Numerous themes
  • Designer, manufacturer, installer


Large mall playground towerLarge mall playground tower
Large boat structure on mall outdoor playgroundLarge boat structure on mall outdoor playground
Castle-themed play structure in a shopping mall Castle-themed play structure in a shopping mall
Sea-themed mall outdoor play areaSea-themed mall outdoor play area