Starboard® is a special polyethylene developed for its outstanding qualities; it is an industry benchmark.

It is obtained using an exclusive procedure called K-Stran®. The most advanced manufacturing process available for flow production of uniformly flat sheets. Starboard® is stabilised to resist extreme environmental conditions.

It is a material designed to withstand exposure to sunlight and water in difficult environments, marine environments in particular.

Starboard® has a fine mat finish on both sides. It cannot deteriorate or delaminate; it is non-reflective and resistant to most chemical products.

It requires little maintenance and is also recyclable. Used in the manufacture of our range of slides, it ensures sturdy design and, unlike other materials, can be positioned to face any direction. It is pleasant to the touch and provides a unique sliding experience.

It is a dimensionally stable, high-density, UV-resistant material. It does not tarnish and colors do not fade, even with direct exposure to sunlight.

                                                        French quality