Research and Consultancy for your project

Playing is essential for the well development of kids. They are building themselves by the discovering and training , by facing challenges, by being confronted to failure or success, by developing their imagination, by feeling the emulation, etc.  Playgrounds area are one of the preferred solution for kids to develop their physical skills and abilities, for their socialization…

However, safety is a priority : the relevant legislation is clearly stating the specifications and requirement for a full safety of the equipment in use by kids and for insuring a full legal protection. Design of equipment and their installation have to be in compliance with the standard on effect. QUALI-Cité® offer a full range of equipment conform with the EN 1176 1/7 standards, thanks to its long experience in this domain and with a knowhow regarding the material to use.

For the production equipment, QUALI-Cité® has selected material acknowledged for their estheticism and their mechanical resistance with the objective to minimize the charge of maintenance, and insuring lifespan of the equipment.

QUALI-Cité®, specialist on Tailor-made equipment

Design of QUALI-Cité®’s playground equipment are based on a list of modules allowing to create adapted equipment to customer expectation. Then, over the list of standard products available, we can work together with you for the research and the development of solution specifically designed for you : selection of colors, thematic, playful activities, etc.  can be chosen for your project. Our team of Designers will bring you their skills in term of creativity, with a high level of service (from the design to the delivery and the installation).

Enthusiasm from kids, teenagers and adult sharing the play values are our goals. Attractivity and playful equipment are coming from several playful activities combined in the same equipment. For achieving this objective, having fun, playing, socialization, sport are the main criteria for the design of the QUALI-Cité® equipment. Various forms shapes, colors and ergonomic and pedagogical aspect as well come into consideration for design products.

Attracting, stimulating and catching are key words which symbolizes the QUALI-Cité® requirements to fully answer your needs. Creating your playgrounds areas, and the installation you had imagined. We are staying at your disposal with any possibility regarding the delivery, the options regarding the assembling, in keeping in mind your budget and expectations.