French manufacturing: a choice, a commitment

French manufacturing: a choice, a commitment


Using French manufacturing to produce recreational and sports equipment means relying on high standards, quality, expertise and renowned know-how that help build a company's image.

But quality has a price! Cost of raw materials, salaries, social protection, so many aspects, which necessarily generate additional expenses, and impact the price of the finished product. But it is a game worth playing!


When a playground manager decides to purchase equipment designed and manufactured in France, he or she is assured of sturdiness, unequalled resistance to wear and tear, as well as an incomparable finish.

French production is a guarantee of excellence and high standards that aims at customer satisfaction.

It is also the guarantee of a controlled manufacturing process, from the careful selection of raw materials to the rigorous controls before shipping. This commitment can be translated into certifications such as ISO 9001, which proves that the company has set up a continuous improvement system, or the attestation of product conformity to current European standards (NF EN-1176-1 / NF EN-1176-2 / NF EN-1176-3 / NF EN-1176-4 / NF EN-1176-6 / NF EN-1176-7) by independent approved laboratories.


To remain competitive, mastering and securing our know-how is essential.

The use of state-of-the-art technologies is an essential asset for the continuous improvement of products, manufacturing processes and working conditions. In order to anticipate changes in the market for recreational and sports equipment for collective use, significant and regular investments are necessary to adapt to the permanent evolution of the market. They allow us not only to meet the expectations of our customers but also to be a force of proposal thanks to very powerful tools such as the acquisition of 3D software or ultra precise laser machines.

Recognized for its tremendous creativity and sense of aesthetics, French excellence stands out from the crowd. An integrated design office is also a real advantage in terms of design. Permanent exchanges with production ensure extreme reactivity with production and the best solutions in terms of design. A dedicated R&D department provides not only customized support, but also personalized products, unique designs and continuous development of new models.


As a driving force in the ecological transition and CSR, French manufacturing is ambitious and virtuous.

By controlling their supply chain, companies that manufacture in France reduce not only the geographical distances with their suppliers but also with their customers. They thus contribute to reducing their carbon footprint.