Quality and production

Playground s' production

At the heart of our strategic development, quality has always been at the heart of our choices. We are committed to providing our customers with the best play solutions to create play and sports areas that appeal to users, especially children.

From design to manufacturing, we are certain that mastery of all stages of production allows the realization of playground equipment of high quality.

Deeply rooted in our working methods, our commitment to quality is confirmed by our certification to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Obtaining the certification demonstrates our will as well as our ability to manage quality to go further and better satisfy our customers, our users, our partners and our employees.

Quality, our priority

By choosing QUALI-Cité®, managers of outdoor playgrounds make a long-term investment in equipment whose quality is expressed in the smallest details by:

  • A rigorous selection of the materials used,
  • Support from experts,
  • A design adapted and in phase with each project,
  • Production control at each key stage.

The certification ISO 9001 not only guarantees the efficiency of our quality system but also our ability to design and supply playground equipment that meets the requirements of local authorities, associations and private companies in a totally objective manner.
An approach that translates into:

  • Listening carefully to the needs of our stakeholders, both internally and externally,
  • A professional and reactive response to our customers' expectations, in compliance with regulatory requirements,
  • Securing all our processes from design to shipment of our equipment and thus maintaining our level of excellence in the quality of the products delivered,
  • The continuous improvement of our global performance.

Logo certification ISO 9001

100% French manufacturing

To remain competitive, to shorten production times, to control your product... there are many reasons to manufacture exclusively in France. It also allows us to meet our requirements and orientations in terms of quality, safety, working conditions and respect for the environment.

At QUALI-Cité, we believe that mastering innovation and our technologies is truly possible by maintaining our in-house production. This is why we invest in state-of-the-art production tools: recent, high-performance machines, digital programming tools, 3D design software, etc.

French manufacturing benefits more than ever from an added value: creativity! We draw our strength from our ability to offer new play solutions thanks to an integrated design office and a research and development center. Particularly attentive to market developments and trends, our teams of designers are constantly creating new products and new ranges to meet the expectations of customers and users of outdoor playgrounds and open-air multisport fields.

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