HPL High Pressure Laminated


High-pressure laminated (HPL) panels are made from duromers laminated at very high pressure in compliance with the ON EN 438 type CGF standard, ensuring highly effective extra protection against bad weather.

Panels are manufactured in laminating presses under high pressure and temperature.

QUALI-Cité® has chosen to use materials with high mechanical resistance and unequalled longevity in its manufacturing process in order keep maintenance and servicing costs to a minimum.

If you want to supply top-quality products, everything must be taken into account. At QUALI-Cité®, that starts with careful selection of suppliers and meticulous control of raw materials.

Which is why all our suppliers and partners are certified in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

13 and 15mm-thick panels


Mass-dyed colours on both sides

Anti-graffiti treatment

(ON EN 438 type CGF)